Sun in a Net Awards with Novelties

The National Sun in a Net Awards, which have been awarded by the Slovak Film and Television Academy (SFTA) every two years, will hereon be awarded annually. In this way the Academy reacts to the stabilisation of the situation in the Slovak audiovisual environment as, after the Slovak Audiovisual Fund was established and began providing support to film production in 2010, the production of domestic films has increased. At the same time, the SFTA wants to link the Sun in a Net Awards with a screening of domestic films entitled Slovak Film Week. The second edition of this event connected with a reflection on Slovak film production will be held on 11-17 April and the National Sun in a Net Awards will be handed out at a ceremony on 16 April in Bratislava. The SFTA will assess the films that were made and released in 2014 and 2015, and it will make its decisions on laureates in thirteen categories. The fourteenth will be the award for exceptional contribution to Slovak cinema.

Audience Expeditions to the History of Film

Paths of Adulthood is the name of the new semester of the educational series on the history of cinema entitled Film Cabinet which was launched on 4 February in Cinema Lumière. The series will cover the period of the 1960s up to the present
day. The introductory lecture on the French New Wave and its transformation was complemented by a screening of François Truffaut’s film Jules and Jim. Viewers who enrolled in the Film Cabinet will take part in the following lectures up to the end
of May 2016: Czechoslovak New Wave, The Genre Panopticon of Juraj Herz, Italy Post Neorealism, The Transcendental Style of Andrei Tarkovsky, New German Film, New Hollywood, Dogma 95, Monty Python and the Contemporary Slovak Feature Film. A lecturer’s introduction will be given prior to every projection and a discussion will be held afterwards. The Film Cabinet series, which came into existence three years ago, is prepared by the Slovak Film Institute in collaboration with the Association of Slovak Film Clubs. Simultaneously, an interactive workshop, the Film Cabinet for Children for pupils and teachers of first- to fifth- graders at primary schools is organised in Cinema Lumière in Bratislava as well as in other Slovak towns and cities. Its lecturers explain to the pupils Slovak animated film and its creators, as well as the principles of animation.

of Slovak Films in

The monthly publishes scores for the Slovak full-length feature films to be released in cinemas in the given year. The score is put together by eight Slovak film scientists and critics. In two rounds, they also evaluated the domestic films which were screened in cinemas in 2015. All in all, they assessed 18 films and gave the highest score to the documentary So Far, So Close (Tak ďaleko, tak blízko, dir. Jaro Vojtek) which was made in 2014. The feature début of documentary filmmaker Marko Škop, Eva Nová, was ranked second and Koza (Koza, dir. Ivan Ostrochovský) was third. The last mentioned film had its world première a year ago in the Forum section of the Berlin IFF.

Staff Changes in the National Cinematographic Centre
of the SFI

The Department of Film Events of the National Cinematographic Centre of the Slovak Film Institute, which focuses on the presentation of Slovak cinema abroad and also collaborates with film events in Slovakia, has new staff members. The Department’s long-standing staff member, Viera Ďuricová, retired and her place was taken by Imelda Selková as of 1 January 2016. Last year, Kristína Aschenbrennerová also started work in the Department. Staff changes also occurred last year in the Audiovisual Information Centre of the SFI; currently Miro Ulman and Soňa Balážová are its staff members. The National Cinematographic Centre is headed by Alexandra Strelková as its director.